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Retrofitting the right way

The fastest path to significant, large-scale energy savings with respect to solid-state lighting is clearly to replace energy-hogging conventional lamps in the huge number throughout the world. However, the existing infrastructure was built around lamps that are simple resistive loads and do not self-heat (in some cases). What we are finding is that most...

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When intelligence meets LEDs!

A question we constantly ask ourselves at Syncolite is that how do we work towards creating even more value for our customers. One way is to develop progressive solutions that enable increasing energy efficiency, by way of innovative and value driven products, products that would help significantly bring down operational costs of facilities and buildings.

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The Natural Way Forward

Recently in the news, we read that this year Nobel Prize for physics has been awarded to three Japanese scientists who are credited with the development of the blue Light Emitting Diode. Though red and green LEDs have been in use for a few decades now, the invention of the blue LED is momentous landmark as it completes the trifecta of red, green and blue...

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