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IQnext™, first of it kind IoT solution that optimizes energy, space and productivity of people.

Building Intelligence with Sensors, Data and Analytics

Enabled with embedded sensors and patented IoT technology, IQnext brings you rich data in real-time. Intelligence and connectivity now empower you with a set of monitoring, control and optimization tools.

Sensor Nodes

The sensor system captures real-time micro level across the building - granular data such as – energy, occupancy, daylight, temperature and much more. This plug and play system transmits this rich data, real time, online through wi-fi.

Luminaire Integrated Sensor

Uniquely designed LED Luminaire systems host the sensors. No third party sensor solution required. Data collected is sent wirelessly to the Gateway.

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Standalone Sensor

Designed for strategic placement across various locations of the building with wireless communication capability. Choose from a combination of occupancy, daylight, temperature sensors and much more.

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This communication coordinator between the Sensor Nodes and the Perimetrix software is capable of managing up to 100 sensors with minimal bandwidth. It takes the wirelessly received data from the sensors to the Perimetrix for reporting and data analysis and sends back rule changes and firmware updates.

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Perimetrix™ platform provides advanced applications to facilitate round the clock, accurate data driven building management system. This provides actionable insights to drive down energy and space costs while providing better employee comfort, productivity and security.

Cloud Database

Our cloud database is a database that typically runs on a cloud computing platform, access to it is provided as a service. Database services take care of scalibility and high availability of the database.

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  • Lighting Energy Savings upto 80%, HVAC Energy Savings up to 20%
  • Precise and Historical Spatial Use Data, not available until now
  • Increased Workforce Productivity
  • Boosts Employee Happiness

Space Managers

  • Sets new benchmark in energy savings using multiple control strategies and high value apps
  • Real-time reporting and analytical tools for better decision making
  • Makes Preventive Maintenance possible - reduces cost and downtime


  • Complete personalization and comfort
  • Provides an environment that boosts efficiency levels


IQnext platform provides solutions for varied applications and requirements in energy management, space optimization, safety and security and cost management.

Why IQ Next?

Our technology is all-in-one platform which brings lighting, sensors and software technology in a single solution. It's designed with customer's real estate space in mind and considering the business demands of reducing operational costs and increasing employee productivity.

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